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Professional Aluminum Wiring Replacement in Montgomery County, NY

In recent years, there has been an influx of concern over the safety of aluminum wiring. Homes built during the mid-1960s and 70s equipped with aluminum wiring are possible hazards. Now homeowners are discovering why most insurance companies won’t cover or renew them. Property owners should have their wiring inspected/repaired/ or replaced. If you want an Aluminum wiring replacement for your home, call JME Electric LLC.

Overheating and the failure of aluminum wiring terminations have been the causes of many electrical problems. The reason behind this is the oxidation of the wiring. Many modern components are not compatible with older aluminum wiring.

Understanding Aluminum Wiring Expansion and Risks

Aluminum wiring has a higher expansion rate than other types. This often leads to losing connections, arcing, melting, and eventually fire. The following are also signs of potential problems with aluminum wiring in Fort Johnson, NY:

  • Warm cover plates
  • Discoloration of switches
  • Receptacle discoloration
  • Flickering lights
  • Smell of hot plastic

Home Renovation and Aluminum Wiring Upgrades

If you are renovating the home or reconfiguring it where the aluminum wiring will become affected, a replacement could be the best solution to the project. In most cases, wiring is a very challenging process to take place in any home or business.

Aluminum Wiring Rewiring Solutions

As many problems can arise out of older aluminum wiring, rewiring may be the best answer to your wire problems. Having the wiring in the home rewired will be an investment cost worth making, as it can increase the property’s price.

Electrical Inspections for Aluminum Wiring Safety

If you are having problems with your aluminum wiring currently, there is a solution. Call a JME Electric LLC electrician to inspect your wiring and stop living through blown circuits and flickering lights.

Insurance Benefits of Aluminum Wiring Replacement

Many insurance companies will not insure a homeowner with outdated aluminum wiring. With a replacement wiring service, you’ll be able to have a home that is better insulated and energy-efficient as opposed to dangerous and faulty.

Buying Older Homes: Aluminum Wiring Considerations

If you are planning on buying an older home, make sure that you have the wiring checked out by a JME Electric LLC electrician. If it does-don’t fret about it. We are certified replacement contractors with the knowledge and skills for aluminum wiring.

Aluminum Wiring Concerns and Solutions

Studies show that aluminum wiring has a higher risk of starting a house fire. This is because the wiring has a higher expansion rate. aluminum wiring is smaller wiring that delivers electricity from the panel to the plugs, switches, and lighting fixtures.

Contact our JME Electric LLC electricians today for more details on how you can get aluminum wiring replacement in your home. We’ll set you up with one of our professionals to get a safer and more efficient home.

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"I needed a new panel installed to the second floor apartment and re wiring in the entire bathroom according to code by a certified electrician. JME was up for the job and had great communication. When I had questions Jake took the time to thoroughly explain things to me which I greatly appreciated. JME was professional and did everything I hired them for within a timely manner. Would definitely recommend!" - Happy Customer

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